Core Concepts

DataChannel is a No-Code SaaS platform which allows you to create and manage data pipelines from any data source to a destination data warehouse of your choice. It also allows you to create and schedule data transformations to prepare your data for downstream analytics and BI / Data Visualization tools / platforms of your choice. It has an integrated SQL Query designer and a dashboard designing module to help you quickly review and visualise your data without ever leaving the platform.

Data Warehouse / Destination

Choosing where your data will reside is normally the first design decision to be taken when finalising the architecture for the analytics or BI stack for your organisation. DataChannel gives you complete control and flexibility over where you want your data to reside. Choose your data warehouse platform and location as per your requirement or utilise a DataChannel Managed Warehouse based on AWS Redshift or Google Bigquery.

Data Sources

DataChannel has pre-built connectors to synch data from a variety of data sources which include Cloud/SaaS Applications, relational databases, cloud data storages or adhoc files. Each pipeline you setup for data from any of the supported sources will create a table in your selected data warehouse and in minutes you are ready to start consuming your data, while DataChannel handles all the details of refreshing your data as per your selected schedule without any intervention from you. You can decide what data to synch with what granularity and how frequently and DataChannel will manage the rest.

Data Transformation

DataChannel let’s you schedule transformations on your data which are performed after the data is loaded into your Data Destinations. These transformations are SQL scripts which can be configured to execute at pre-defined intervals / schedule and can be used to prepare and cleanse data, join data from different sources etc so that it can be consumed by the downstream BI / Analytics applications.

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