Setup Guide - Instagram Social

Follow our setup guide to connect Instagram Social to DataChannel.


To connect Instagram Social to DataChannel, you need:

  • An active Instagram Business Account or Instagram Creator Account with permissions to access data from accounts you’d like to sync.

  • A Facebook Page connected to that account. Please refer the steps outlined here to know more about connecting a Facebook page to your Instagram Account.

  • A Facebook Developer account that can perform Tasks on that Page.

  • For Instagram Social, the user being authenticated on DataChannel should be an Admin and should grant the following permissions:

    • instagram_basic - required to read your Instagram account profile’s info and media.

    • pages_read_engagement - required to read content (posts, photos, videos, events) posted by the Page, read followers data (including name, PSID), and profile picture, and read metadata and other insights about the Page.

    • pages_show_list - required to access the list of Pages managed by you.

    • ads_management - required to access data about campaigns, manage ads, and fetch metrics.

    • business_management- required to manage business assets such as an ad account.

    • instagram_manage_comments - required to read comments and media objects, such as stories.

    • instagram_manage_insights- required to read metadata, data insights and story insights.

These can be assigned through the Facebook Developer account admin by navigating to App Review → Permissions and Features tab. You can read more about managing permissions here.

Setup instructions

  1. Select a data destination for your Instagram Social data. If you have not yet added a data warehouse, go to data warehouse tab and add a warehouse.

    Data Warehouse once selected cannot be changed.
  2. Instagram Professional accounts are accessed indirectly through Facebook accounts so you need to login with your Facebook Username and password. Authorise DataChannel to connect to your Instagram Social account using OAuth using the process described here. Also, select the bussinesses, Instagram accounts and Pages you want DataChannel to access.

instagram social new creds
instagram social oauth
instagram social new creds
instagram social oauth 4
instagram social oauth 2
instagram social oauth 3
instagram social oauth 5
  1. Click on + Data Pipeline to start adding data pipelines to your account.

    instagram social data source detail
  2. Details of individual objects and reports are available here.

  3. Select the required pipeline fron the list and click Next

    instagram social pipelines list
  4. Configure the pipeline by setting the report parameters in the given fields.

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