Data Sources

Data Source Listing

DataChannel supports a wide variety of data sources which you can connect to and start synching data within minutes. In order to start click on the ETL tab on the sidebar and go to the All Connectors menu option on the DataChannel console as shown below.

data source link

Search for a Data Source

This would lead you to the Data Source List page as shown below. From here you have the ability to search for a data source and click on it to view its details and start synching data from the data source.

data source list

Data Source Details Page

The Data Source details page contains information about the data source and allows you to configure data source specific details like the authentication credentials and choose the destination for the data. Additionally, you will find details about the available reports / objects and details of the pipelines configured for this particular data source.

data source detail 1

Available Reports

Click on the Data Pipelines tab to view a list of available reports for the data source along with a brief description of each.

data source detail 2


Click on the Setup tab to view the added credentials for this data source. You can also use this tab to add new credentials or edit existing credentials. Deleting a set of credentials is only permitted if no configured data pipelines are using them,

data source detail 3

Data Warehouse

Click on the Data Warehouse field to view / add a destination for the data from your data source. All the supported data warehouses which have been added by you to the Data Warehouse list in your account will be available for selection.

Data Warehouse once selected cannot be changed.
data source detail 5

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