Excel report enables a user to transfer data from Excel files into a user determined data warehouse.

Data Pipelines Details

Data Pipeline

Select Excel from the dropdown

files excel list
Choose File

Select a Excel file by clicking on the Choose File button. The Excel file to be uploaded should have a header row that includes the titles of each column.

Only .xlsx file format is supported.
files excel upload

Setting Parameters

Select the fields that are necessary as per the file or folder .

Parameter Description Values

Header Present?


Specify whether Header is present in the sheet. If "No", is selected, the entire range will be treated as data and "column_0","column_1","column_1",…​"column_n", will be used as column names in the warehouse.

{Yes, No}

Default Value: Yes

Header Dimension


Specify whether Headers are present in first row or first column.

{Row, Column}

Default Value: Row

Sheet Name


Enter the name of the datasheet.

String value

Attempt Schema Inference


If Yes then value types will be fetched as it is, eg: Float will be fetched as float. If No then everything will be fetched as string irrespective of its type.


Default Value: No

Manual Range


Specify whether Summary is present in file or not. If 'Yes' then you will need to manually give range of Cells where data is present. It defaults to 'No'.

{Yes, No}

Default Value: No



Required, If 'Yes' is chosen in the Manual Range field

If the 'Yes' is selected in Manual Range, you will be prompted to select the Range. Enter the top left cell, followed by the colon operator and bottom right cell to define range. Example is 'A1:B3', A1 is the most top left cell and B3 is the most bottom right cell. It should include headers.

String value

DataSet Name


Enter the DataSet Name

String value

DataSet Description


Enter a brief description about the DataSet here

String value

files excel config
files excel dataset name

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