Setup Guide - MongoDB

Follow this setup guide to connect MongoDB to DataChannel.

  • Have a MongoDB database configured and reachable from the DataChannel IPs. Contact support for the list of IP addresses to whitelist incase required.

  • Create a user for DataChannel with SELECT rights on the tables / views you want to pull data from.

  • In case of a heavily utilized production database, it is advisable to connect the read-only replica to pull data from an active MongoDB account with permissions to access data from accounts you’d like to sync. This account needs to be a admin account with delete privileges.

  • You would require MongoDB DB Host, Username, Password & DB Name information access to add new credentials.

Setup instructions

  1. Select a data destination for your MongoDB Data. If you have not yet added a data warehouse, go to data warehouse tab and add a warehouse.

    Data Warehouse once selected cannot be changed.
  2. Authorise DataChannel to connect to your MongoDB account using any Name, DB Host, Username, Password & DB Name using the + icon.

    mongodb new creds
  3. Click on + Data Pipeline to start adding data pipelines to your account.

    mongodb data source detail
  4. Details of individual objects and reports are available here. .

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