Data Destinations

Choosing where your data will reside is normally the first design decision to be taken when designing the analytics or BI stack for your organisation. DataChannel gives you complete control and flexibility over where you want your data to reside.

You can choose to move your data to a warehouse managed by your team whether on a public cloud, VPC or on - premise, or choose a DataChannel Managed Warehouse

Configuring a self managed/hosted warehouse

You can choose to move your data to anyone of the following options supported by DataChannel. If you use another platform which you would like us to support and make available please send us an email

DataChannel Managed Warehouse

Managing a data warehouse requires both expensive IT resources and trained manpower for its administration and troubleshooting. In case you do not yet have the in-house expertise or do not want to divert your teams time and energy towards this task, you can rely on us to manage your warehouse for you. You can select from one of the two cloud warehouse options available when you chose us to manage your data for you.

Options for Datachannel Managed Warehouse
  • AWS Redshift

  • Google Bigquery

  • Snowflake

Still have Questions?

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