DV 360 Connector

The Display & Video 360 (DV 360) is a programmatic advertising platform developed by Google. It provides advertisers and agencies with a single platform to plan, execute, and measure digital ad campaigns across a variety of channels and formats, including display, video, audio, and social media. Through settings configured at the line item level, you can control which ads are served, when they are served, and to whom they are served. Display & Video 360 API, allows you to quickly adjust the creatives shown, budget used, or users targeted in the serving of your ads.

This DV 360 Connector enables streaming relevant DV 360 data into a user determined warehouse. This sync happens in an automated manner after a user has configured relevant pipelines and determined an update frequency.

You can find more information about it on DV 360 documentation page.

dv360 screen

Available Reports & Objects

List of all available pipelines is available here.

dv360 pipelines list

Setup Guide

Follow our step-by-step DV 360 connector setup guide to connect DV 360 with your destination warehouse.

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