Setup Guide - Singular

Follow our setup guide to connect Singular to DataChannel.


To connect Singular to DataChannel, you need:

  • An active Singular account with permissions to access data from accounts you’d like to sync and decide which breakdowns and fields you’d like to sync.

  • API Key [All requests to the Singular platform requires an API key. To retrieve this key, log into your account and go to Settings > API. ]

Setup instructions

  1. Select a data destination for your Singular. If you have not yet added a data warehouse, go to data warehouse tab and add a warehouse.

    Data Warehouse once selected cannot be changed.
  2. Authorise DataChannel to connect to your Singular account using an API key authentication process described here.

    • Give a unique name to your credentials.

    • Enter the API Key.

  3. Click on + Data Pipeline to start adding data pipelines to your account.

    googlesearchconsole data source detail
  4. Details of individual objects and reports are available here.