Authentication Type - Token With Username

Authorise DataChannel to connect to your data source using an Access token to access the API and Username & Password to refresh this Access token.


To use this authentication mechanism you will need to run an OAuth2 flow and note the following:

  • API Username and Password

  • Access Token

  • Refresh Token URL

  • Access and Refresh Token types

You only need to run the OAuth2 flow once (to access various tokens etc.), after which DataChannel takes care of refreshing the access token.


  1. Give a unique name to your credentials.

    rest credentials tokenwithusername
  2. Enter the Username and Password [Used to refresh the expired Access token].

  3. If you want your password to be URL encoded then select Yes, else select No in the Encoding Required dropdown.

  4. Specify API Key’s placement location in the API request using the Param Location.

  5. Enter the Access Token and Refresh Token URL [The URL will be used to refresh the expired Access token].

  6. Enter the Access and Refresh Token Type (Default : bearer)

  7. Click Save once you have entered the above details.

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