Report Exports

The Report Exports pipeline can be used to request and retrieve the details of all the Report Exports for specified search criteria.

Read more about the pipeline here

Configuring the Credentials

Select the account credentials which has access to relevant Unicommerce data from the dropdown menu & Click Next

Credentials not listed in dropdown ?

Click on + Add New for adding new credentials

Data Pipelines Details

Data Pipeline

Select Report Exports from the dropdown

Setting Parameters

Parameter Description Values

Insert Mode


This refers to the manner in which data will get updated in the data warehouse, with 'Delete' selected, the data will be upserted (only new records or records with changes) and with 'Append' selected, all data fetched will be inserted. Selecting 'Replace' will ensure the table is dropped and recreated with fresh data on each run. Recommended to use "Upsert" option unless there is a specific requirement.

Upsert, Append, Replace

Default Value: Upsert

Upsert Key

Dependent Required

This refers to the key on which the upsert has to be performed.




Enter comma separated values for each of the facility you wish you get the data in each run.


Job Type Name


Enter the name for the Unicommerce console.


Export Columns


Enter comma separated values for each of the column you wish you get the data in each run. You can find the these using the inspect element.


Number of Days


Enter the number of days for which you wish you get the data in each run.



Click on + Add New for setting up a new filter

Available filters are as under:-

Filter Description Values



Enter the Id for which you wish to get the data for in each run.


Datapipeline Scheduling

Set the schedule for the pipeline to run. Detailed explanation on scheduling of pipelines can be found here

Dataset & Name

Give your pipeline a name and some description (optional) and click on Finish to save it. Read more about naming and saving your pipelines including the option to save them as templates here

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