Authentication Type - OAuth2

Authorise DataChannel to connect to your data source when your REST API endpoint uses OAuth2.


To use this authentication mechanism you will need to run an OAuth2 flow and note the following:

  • Refresh Token URL

  • Access and Refresh Token

  • Client ID and Client Secret

  • Grant Type

  • Access and Refresh Token types

  • Refresh Request method

You only need to run the OAuth2 flow once (to access various tokens etc.), after which DataChannel takes care of refreshing the access token.


  1. Give a unique name to your credentials.

    rest credentials oauth2
  2. Enter the Refresh Token URL. [The URL will be used to refresh the expired Access token].

  3. Enter the Access Token [If the entered access token is expired, DataChannel will re-generate a new one using the refresh token].

  4. Enter the Refresh Token

  5. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret of your OAuth2 application.

  6. Enter the Grant Type used while refreshing the access token. The most common example is "refresh".

  7. Enter the Access and Refresh Token Type (Default : bearer)

  8. Enter the Type of the Refresh Request method - GET or POST in the Refresh Request Type dropdown.

  9. Click Save once you have entered the above details.

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