Databases as a Data Source

Your production database contains your most important data, and DataChannel’s database connectors are our most important and battle-tested connectors. Our database connectors are designed for correctness and safety. Correctness means that your destination should always be an accurate replica of your database source. Safety means that no matter what, DataChannel should never cause problems in your source database.

Supported Databases

DataChannel supports replicating data from the following databases:

Database Integration Overview

  1. Connect: Connect us to your production database or read-replica via a specific DataChannel user that you create in your database. For instructions on creating a DataChannel user, see the setup guide for your database type.

  2. Select Table(s): Select the table(s) / views you wish to move or provide a custom SELECT SQL query you would want us to use to move data.

  3. Transform and map schema: DataChannel parses through all your data, typecasting and mapping every column in the source object to a column in the corresponding table in the destination. We transform any data types that are not natively supported in the destination into data types that are accepted. DataChannel does not do any aggregations at this stage.

  4. Load: DataChannel automatically creates schemas and tables for each mapped source object in the destination.

  5. Update Mode: DataChannel provides you with the flexibility of choosing your data fetch mode between Incremental and Full. You can choose how often these batches run, from every 15 minutes to every 24 hours. DataChannel’s unique system automatically recognizes schema changes in your data source and persists these changes to the destination.

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