Apple Search Ads Connector

Apple Search Ads enables you to be discovered on the App Store by helping people discover your app when they search on the App Store, matching customers with your app right when they’re looking.

You can find information about it on Apple Search Ads' documentation page.

DataChannel’s Apple Search Ads connector enables streaming relevant Apple Search Ads performance data into a user determined warehouse. This sync happens in an automated manner after a user has configured relevant pipelines and determined an update frequency. The connector drives app discovery by assisting you in setting goals & budget, define audience, and managing the overall campaign.

apple search ads screen

Available Reports & Objects

List of all available pipelines is available here.

Setup Guide

Follow our step-by-step Apple Search Ads connector setup guide to connect Apple Search Ads with your destination warehouse.

Why Upgrade?

Users of Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API 3 can continue using the old connector, which uses key and certificate credentials. But since you can not generate new certificates for API 3, you will only be able to use this connector until the cßertificates expires.

This connector works with Apple Search Ads Campaign Management version 4 and uses OAuth 2 to manage access, instead of a key and certificate based credentials authentication. With OAuth 2, users authenticate credentials in exchange for an access token. An immediate advantage of using this connector and and using OAuth 2 is the ability to manage access to accounts without requiring or sharing user login and password credentials.

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