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Welcome to DataChannel!

DataChannel is an end to end data integration & activation platform. We aim to provide a single cloud SaaS product which handles both forward ETL/ELT & Reverse ETL data flows. DataChannel integrates data from disparate sources into a single centralized repository, usually a cloud data warehouse. We also support the reverse flow of data from the repository to the selected apps/ services.

Our self-serve platform offers pre-built forward data pipelines and reverse syncs that can be configured to help you effortlessly move your data between your Web Application/ Database/ Service/ Files and your selected data warehouse. It also enables you to run advanced transformations on your data to support all downstream data activities related to visualization, reporting & analytics.

DataChannel is a No-code platform offering you extensive customisations & also the flexibility of writing SQL code if you so desire. Manually writing scripts to set up data pipelines is not a simple task due to the inherent challenges of handling multiple data sources each with their own everchanging APIs, authentication systems, data formats, rate limitations etc coupled with continually changing business requirements, regulatory environment and needs.

Data professionals on average are spending a whopping 78% of their working time on routine data collection, cleaning & management work. That meant they were spending only 22% of their time on more value-adding tasks such as data innovation and the extraction of valuable data analytics insights. So, if you desire to liberate your (overworked) data teams from the drudgery pertaining to data collection and management, you have come to the right place!

So, why wait – Let’s Get Started!

The next few sections will help you discover overviews for DataChannel, including a guide for seamlessly transitioning from your existing Data Integration Service Provider, in case you are already using such services.

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Getting Started

If you already have an account, setting up takes only a few minutes to a couple of hours depending upon the data destination selected and the number of sources you would want to get data from. The first step is to connect a data warehouse. After that, you can navigate to the Dashboard, from where you can add new connectors. Adding a new connector will lead you to the setup page with detailed notes on the screen and verification for the configuration. If you don’t have permissions or access to a data source, it’s best to invite users who do to DataChannel - you can create as many DataChannel users as you want for your account from the account settings page! Once your first connector is created, it will begin syncing as per the scheduled frequency and once that is done you can start using that data in your data warehouse. You can add as many connectors as needed to complete your initial setup.

Get familiar with our various types of integrations.

SaaS Applications

Learn how to create data pipelines to replicate Data from your cloud/SaaS applications into your destination data warehouse.


Replicate data from relational databases to your data destinations

Files and Cloud Storages

Replicate data from files and cloud storage solutions like S3 etc to your data destinations

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