Edit an Orchestration

  1. To edit an existing Orchestration click on the Orchestration link in the sidebar as shown below.

    orchestrations 1
  2. On the main UI screen you can view a list of the orchestrations already added by you. You can edit any of these orchestrations from here.

    orchestrations 18
  3. You will reach the 'Edit orchestration' page. Here, you can view two side-by-side tabs namely, ‘Setup’ and ‘Execution History’. You can edit the orchestration on the 'Setup' page. Also, on the top right corner a Run Orchestration button is provided. You can click here to initiate a manual run.

    orchestrations 13
  4. The ‘Execution History’ Tab displays the execution details of the configured orchestration. To view which tasks were completed during any previous run, click on the View Tasks button.

    orchestrations 14
  5. On clicking the View Tasks button, you will be able to see which tasks were executed successfully. To access detailed logs, click on the View Logs button.

    orchestrations 15
  6. Logs will be displayed as shown.

    orchestrations 16